Friday, December 31, 2010

Cuti Umum Vs Bekerja?

KUALA LUMPUR 30 Dis. - Semua majikan diminta memberi cuti bergaji kepada pekerja esok berikutan pengisytiharan cuti umum bagi meraikan kejayaan skuad bola sepak Malaysia menjuarai Piala Suzuki AFF 2010.

Menteri Sumber Manusia, Datuk Dr. S. Subramaniam berkata, majikan hendaklah memberi cuti kelepasan am sebagai cuti wajib tambahan kepada pekerjanya sebagaimana seperti yang diperuntukkan dalam seksyen 60D(1)(b) Akta Pekerjaan 1955.
"Namun jika majikan masih memerlukan pekerja untuk bekerja pada hari tersebut atas keperluan operasi maka pekerja berkenaan hendaklah dibayar gaji mengikut peruntukan Akta Pekerjaan 1955," katanya.
Beliau ditemui selepas menyaksikan percubaan dua adik-beradik mencatatkan nama dalam Malaysia Book of Records dengan melakukan tekan tubi paling banyak dan angkat berat kanak-kanak menggunakan jari di sini hari ini.
Semalam, Perdana Menteri mengisytiharkan esok cuti umum bertujuan memberi peluang kepada semua rakyat Malaysia merayakan kejayaan pasukan bola sepak negara menjuarai Piala Suzuki AFF 2010.
Tambah Subramaniam, jika majikan gagal memberi cuti umum atau membayar mengikut kadar cuti umum, para pekerja boleh membuat aduan kepada Jabatan Tenaga Kerja.
"Majikan boleh dikenakan tindakan jika didapati bersalah," katanya.


Tahniah sekali lagi atas skuad Harimau Malaya yang berjaya membaham Garuda!~
Adat permainan, kali ini kami pula yang berjaya!~

Maka atas kejayaan itu, Perdana Menteri Dato' Sri Najib Razak mengumumkan hari ini (31 Disember 2010) sebagai cuti umum. Bukan selalu kita menang piala sukan ini yang dahulunya dipanggil Tiger Cup.

Tapi topik kali ini berkisar tentang kekecewaan mereka yang terpaksa bekerja pada hari cuti umum tersebut (pekerja swasta terutamanya)
Tapi jangan risau rakan sekalian, Datuk Subra dah mengumumkan dapat gaji double/triple ikut undang-undang. Kalau majikan tak bagi, boleh report & majikan didenda.

Kira dapat gaji double/triple ni okay la, dari tak dapat apa-apa kan?

That's life, realiti kepada pekerja swasta yang makan gaji


Harimau Malaya Mengaum!!!!

It's a bit late but i would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Harimau Malaya Squad for winning the AFF Suzuki Cup which was previously also known as Tiger Cup.. Coincidence perhaps?

Me & mum screamed like mad people while watching both legs of the match. but it definitely was worth it.
All of you would probably read the match analysis, so i wouldn't need to touch that.

Unlike the Indonesians, we accepted defeat in the first game as professionals, so i would advice them to accept it like gentlemen also.
Be professionals, if you (Indonesians) think that Malaysians cheated, then please do a formal report to FIFA & AFF, simple!~

The issue about lasers & such, are childish as both squads suffered the same issue at both stadiums.
Plus, the condition of the pitch was not worthy to be at International level. It was more likely fit for a "kampung" match. No offence, but most of us saw how bad the pitch was.

At the end of the day, the best team won.

 We won, that's a fact.

But, i would like to sum the match with a favourite quote form Jose Mourinho, The Special One..


but one thing i would disagree is the Man of The Match award, it should have definitely been awarded to our Goalkeeper, Khairul Fahmi. He was outstanding!
Onslaught after onslaught, he kept his cool.. and to top it off, he's only 21years old!!! As most of the team!!

Again, no words would be enough to praise to describe the young & triumphant team!!

May they grow & prosper in the future,

make Malaysia proud guys!!!!

Credits to the original artist.. Memang garang, tapi itu hakikat!~

Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Blood Red Inspira =)


After all the drama & torment of waiting due to Customs & JPJ, finally i got my car aka the Proton Inspira yesterday.
It's just a 1.8A, so nothing to shout about :)

But dear God, from the moment i took the car & going about filling the tank & such, i can't help but notice the amounts of heads turning. Even some guys approached me & asked about the car like:

"Is it really a Lancer?"
"How much is Proton stuffs?"
"How's the handling?"
"Is it using Campro?"
etc etc...

Kinda loving being the center of attention actually because I think i may be the 1st person in Ampang area to receive that car.
A friend even joked "You must be an UMNO guy!"

Here's some pictures;


The 386th Car out of the Factory? yay!~

Mummy, I promise i won't bully them again.. *cross fingers* :)

For a test drive, it's relatively a short drive from Ampang to Putrajaya.
I can only realistically compare it to my previous car which is the Satria Neo.
Bear in mind, there are other better drivers out there, i'm just a plain normal driver,so my thoughts are based on that.

Everybody knows it's a great handling car, but it's nature is somewhat tail-happy. So when i drove the Inspira, it's really "different" & oh man, i really needed to adapt to this new creature
Ok handling wise compared to the Neo, it's a bit "soft" which was expected since they tuned it for comfort

But due to that also, when going through the really uneven Mex highway, it's a bit "twitchy" ..but it's not a flaw, just a characteristic

Here's the weird part, even with that softness & twitchy-ness, at one point i didn't even realize it was going at 160km/h!~
Minimal wind noise
But of course,i would be more confident with wider tires & stiffer suspensions, but then again, it defeats the purpose of being a comfort car

The best part is, on the way back from Putrajaya, stumbled with a black LGT!~
Awkward moment!~

so i just minded my own business & let him pass..

In terms of engine performance, i think most of u already know how good it is right?
1.8 MIVEC!~

Another thing is about the tinted, i think it's just medium level,acceptable, but can be better..
Maybe i should go install another layer, v-kool perhaps ..but that's later

Oh and there's the WOW factor.. there seems to be some walkathon or sort at Putrajaya Mosque, and most of them were pointing at the Inspira

Even today when i go around having breakfast, people can't seem to stop talk about the car.. Marvelous!~

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Proton Inspira or Naza Forte or Peugeot 207 or Proton Persona?

Due to some personal reasons, i had a choice of whether to refinance my trsuty ol' Satria Neo or buy a new car.
Been doing some reserch, with the current high interest of secondhand cars, refinancing would be quite costly.
So i decided to buy a new car, at least it's hassle free  that way because it'll still be under warranty :)

Initially, i was looking at a Proton Persona H-Line because at a mothly payment of 600++ for 9 years, it seems quite reasonable especially i get all the nice stuffs like leather seats :p
But the thing that got me turned off was that Proton already announced they're gonna build a replacement model for Persona, codenamed "Persona R" with R stands for "Replacement"
So if i buy a Persona now & a replacement model comes out next year, the resale value gonna drop like hell *urgh*

Then,most of you guys probably know what is the Kia, or rather Naza Forte is..

Did a little research on it then emailed Naza HQ for a test drive. Quite prompt reply i guess because in a few days i could already get an appointment. So i went to Naza Kia TTDI to test drive a Forte 1.6SX.

Damn, love at 1st sight!

I love the gadgets, the Push-Start buttons, everything!~

With a price of RM81,800 & 2.9% interest, damn that's affordable.

After that, apparently next to Naza Kia was also a Peugeot Dealer, and the 207 was already there to be driven. So i signed up!~

The car doors seemed a bit hollow, and not as wide as the Forte. But let me tell you straight, the gearbox & engine is very live! Acceleration was awesome! The designers in Peugeot really concentrated on safety with design later in mind! It has everything, ABS, EBD, Shiftronic gearbox, extra brake lights in case you jammed brake to alert the rear drivers.
In fact, one thing i liked was the boot design, near perfect square! in case u didn't notice, most cars have a little space to cover for the wheel arches of the rear wheels. But for this 207, awesome design to maximize space!
So much attention to safety details was put to the car.
Mind you, with a price of RM72,000+, it's definitely worth to consider. But the rear design really doesn't suit my taste.
But it's definitely a car that gets the job done!

Then, came along polly.. LOL, pun intended.. Finally Proton unveiled Proton Inspira.

Basically it;s a rebadged Mitsubishi Lancer. But in order to tackle some critics, Proton did what it excels in, handling!
They tuned the suspensions just nice to our famous Malaysian roads!
Everything for less than under RM100,000.. wow.. what a day indeed..

So what did i choose to buy in the end?

Jeng Jeng Jeng!~

I chose Proton Inspira!
Why you ask?

Well, i'll be honest. I was ready to give my documents to the Kia saleswoman, but i had a chat with a used car manager, he gave me some insights that really opened my mind.

He said something like this,"Ive been in this business for too long, if you decided to buy the Forte & come to me 4 years later to sell, i can't guarantee i would want it anyway."

Plus the thing is, Forte is still a new car, & all of the Fortes in Malaysia right now are CBU. So even though there are warranties, there are possibilities that whenever u need spare parts, u have to order & wait for it


Well, the reason i didn't want the Inspira is because of the waiting period, hence why i chose the Forte since it has ready stock!~
But as fate had destined me to meet this manager, he suddenly said if i'm serious to get the Inspira, he could help me out.
He called a friend of his who was apparently a Sales Director in Proton Edar & asked him to help "adjust" for me. Basically i', jumping queue, instead of 1.5months waiting, hopefully i'll just need 2weeks!


Then the next morning i straight away met the guy & paid my deposit!

Now i'm waiting & hopefully loan approved by the bank..


Can't wait..

Oh btw, i'm selling off my 2007 Neo at 31K, and full settlement of the loan is 22.5k, so i still have 8.5k, so i used that as my downpayment for the Inspira.

And if you booked before 15th November 2010, you're entitled for 2 years Free Service inclusive of labour & parts..


Now i just need to wait..


p/s: lots of other websites have reviews on all the cars i mentioned, just google :p

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Review: Buried (2010)

Hi again,

today managed to go to e@Curve with missus to hangout, chill, & watch a movie. We reached there at about 3.30pm.
During queue, nature called, so i asked her to buy tickets for us, it's either "Buried" at 3.40pm or "The Other Guys" at 3.30pm, so she guessed it.. :(


In a nutshell, basically it's about a guy working it Iraq, caught by the insurgence, & trapped in a coffin in order for the insurgence to get ransom from his employers.
But typical big companies, they "fired" him in order not to be liable for his misfortune.
While at the same time, apparently the US of A army has formed a group specifically to handle people in his situation. The group tries to rescue him..

p/s: The "bad guys" even gave him a phone, pencil, zippo @ lighter, & a pencil.. hence how he communicated with the outside world.


Well don't be, the storyline is straightforward, but not the typical Hollywood type of movie because you're "trapped" with Ryan throughout the movie :)

Keep an open mind, & you'll see it's refreshing..

But i don't think it's worth the price to pay to watch in the cinemas when you can just download it ( please buy originals, LOL )

Plus, i wanted to watch The Other Guys instead..

All in all, i'd give it ★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Just simply because i was not really in the mood to be in an "open minded" state when watching, i want ACTIONS, BLOOD, GUNS!!!


Custom Favicon for Blogger

Well, it's kind of interesting because i was searching what more to do to customize my website, & found this topic.
It's really easy & not as hard as people (including me) had thought. Just that maybe to host a file takes a little bit of effort & googling =)

BTW, just in case some of you who didn't know, favicon is the little picture that you can see usually on the LEFT the URL on the address for blogspot, it's the orange-colored "B".

 The steps:

1. Upload any pictures to any favicon generator websites (the less complex the picture is, the better because it's only 16 x 16 pixels :p).

I used this website: Favicon Generator since it has a nice little trick of animating the favicon!~

2. Upload the custom favicon that you created in a website, i found that there's only a few that supported .ico files. I used this .. well, there are others, but i'm too lazy to try others :p (don't forget to copy the direct link or URL of the file)

3. Use this general code:
<link href='{image url}' rel='shortcut icon'/>
<link href='{image url}' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/'/>
<link href='{image url}' rel='icon'/>
<link href='{image url}' rel='icon' type='image/'/>

 Replace the "image url" above with the url obtained from Step (2)..

4. I'm assuming you already know where to go to edit the HTML of your Blogger (if not, it's under Design Tab *hint*)

Hit "Ctrl + F" and search for </body>

Then just copy & paste the "editted" code in step 3 to a line ABOVE the </body>

Finally, save & see your blog...

Depending on your browser, it may take a while to see, but mine works instantaneously :)


Friday, October 15, 2010

Supernatural Season 6

Thanks to Korie for downloading 3 episodes, THREE episodes of the newly released Supernaturals Season 6, in FULL HD!!!!


Well, i'm no professional movie producer,etc etc, but i'd review it as i like it :)
Honestly, as cliche as it might be with Sam & Dean finally together though one of them was literally in Hell , i just love them.

Especially when Sam is driving a Dodge! woohoo!~

Yes, the storyline is getting a bit weird & Dean's a bit "slow", but i'm not really complaining since Smallville is reaching season 10 btw *wink*

I'd give it  ★★★★ ☆(4/5)
just simply because it's quite fun to watch.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Update: MIFA Pre-Shoot

A little bit late in updating, but heck..

Just came back from a whole day of meetings in Nilai,Negeri Sembilan :(

Anyway, about the Malaysian International Fashion Week (MIFA) photoshoot, 4 girls came but only 2 managed to try out for the photoshoot as the Theme Of The Day was songket and both of them were a lil bit skinny to wear my sister's collection,sorry guys..

By the way, a lot of thanks & credits to the 2 models, Azfarina aka Tipah & Dila aka Org Banting, hehehe!~

Below are some of the photos..
See my Flickr for the complete photos (well, not really complete lah since got a lot more especially behind the scenes,hehe )


Nazmi Photography

Nazmi Photography

Nazmi Photography

Nazmi Photography


Nazmi Photography

Nazmi Photography
The Designer aka My Sister :)

That's all for tonight..

I'll update others later


Friday, October 8, 2010

Photo shoot for MIFA

Apparently, my sister will be joining the Malaysian International Fashion Week 2010, & she asked me to be her dress lineup's photographer..


Baby steps before accomplishing my dream to be a pro photographer, a unique one like Saiful Nang & Khairul Hazwan (in case you're wondering, they're the official photographers for the Malysian Astronaut, Dato' Dr Syeikh Muszaphar's Wedding )

Already bought all the basics, hopefully all the models will be there on time =)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Taman Tasik Titiwangsa - Sunrise

Last sunday morning, i was determined to get to Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to get some morning shots.
Set the alarm at 5.30, managed to reach the place at about 6.30, but there was quite a lot of people there by that time. Unsurprisingly since the place was awesomely peaceful!~

Since it's mainly a photoblog, enjoy the collections below














Basically that's the gist of the photos.

None was photoshop'd, only minor touch ups with Camera Raw :)

I would like any comments & critics to improve my photography


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nazmi Photography

Nazmi Photography, originally uploaded by Shahirazi.


Tried using my new 35mm on my D60 on the most photographed building in the country..

Not as good as the pros but i think it's quite good for people with low skills like mine