Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Update: MIFA Pre-Shoot

A little bit late in updating, but heck..

Just came back from a whole day of meetings in Nilai,Negeri Sembilan :(

Anyway, about the Malaysian International Fashion Week (MIFA) photoshoot, 4 girls came but only 2 managed to try out for the photoshoot as the Theme Of The Day was songket and both of them were a lil bit skinny to wear my sister's collection,sorry guys..

By the way, a lot of thanks & credits to the 2 models, Azfarina aka Tipah & Dila aka Org Banting, hehehe!~

Below are some of the photos..
See my Flickr for the complete photos (well, not really complete lah since got a lot more especially behind the scenes,hehe )


Nazmi Photography

Nazmi Photography

Nazmi Photography

Nazmi Photography


Nazmi Photography

Nazmi Photography
The Designer aka My Sister :)

That's all for tonight..

I'll update others later


1 comment:

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