Friday, October 15, 2010

Supernatural Season 6

Thanks to Korie for downloading 3 episodes, THREE episodes of the newly released Supernaturals Season 6, in FULL HD!!!!


Well, i'm no professional movie producer,etc etc, but i'd review it as i like it :)
Honestly, as cliche as it might be with Sam & Dean finally together though one of them was literally in Hell , i just love them.

Especially when Sam is driving a Dodge! woohoo!~

Yes, the storyline is getting a bit weird & Dean's a bit "slow", but i'm not really complaining since Smallville is reaching season 10 btw *wink*

I'd give it  ★★★★ ☆(4/5)
just simply because it's quite fun to watch.

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  1. fav citer I nih! sbb dedua kacak. hahahahah