Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Blood Red Inspira =)


After all the drama & torment of waiting due to Customs & JPJ, finally i got my car aka the Proton Inspira yesterday.
It's just a 1.8A, so nothing to shout about :)

But dear God, from the moment i took the car & going about filling the tank & such, i can't help but notice the amounts of heads turning. Even some guys approached me & asked about the car like:

"Is it really a Lancer?"
"How much is Proton stuffs?"
"How's the handling?"
"Is it using Campro?"
etc etc...

Kinda loving being the center of attention actually because I think i may be the 1st person in Ampang area to receive that car.
A friend even joked "You must be an UMNO guy!"

Here's some pictures;


The 386th Car out of the Factory? yay!~

Mummy, I promise i won't bully them again.. *cross fingers* :)

For a test drive, it's relatively a short drive from Ampang to Putrajaya.
I can only realistically compare it to my previous car which is the Satria Neo.
Bear in mind, there are other better drivers out there, i'm just a plain normal driver,so my thoughts are based on that.

Everybody knows it's a great handling car, but it's nature is somewhat tail-happy. So when i drove the Inspira, it's really "different" & oh man, i really needed to adapt to this new creature
Ok handling wise compared to the Neo, it's a bit "soft" which was expected since they tuned it for comfort

But due to that also, when going through the really uneven Mex highway, it's a bit "twitchy" ..but it's not a flaw, just a characteristic

Here's the weird part, even with that softness & twitchy-ness, at one point i didn't even realize it was going at 160km/h!~
Minimal wind noise
But of course,i would be more confident with wider tires & stiffer suspensions, but then again, it defeats the purpose of being a comfort car

The best part is, on the way back from Putrajaya, stumbled with a black LGT!~
Awkward moment!~

so i just minded my own business & let him pass..

In terms of engine performance, i think most of u already know how good it is right?
1.8 MIVEC!~

Another thing is about the tinted, i think it's just medium level,acceptable, but can be better..
Maybe i should go install another layer, v-kool perhaps ..but that's later

Oh and there's the WOW factor.. there seems to be some walkathon or sort at Putrajaya Mosque, and most of them were pointing at the Inspira

Even today when i go around having breakfast, people can't seem to stop talk about the car.. Marvelous!~

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