Saturday, October 16, 2010

Review: Buried (2010)

Hi again,

today managed to go to e@Curve with missus to hangout, chill, & watch a movie. We reached there at about 3.30pm.
During queue, nature called, so i asked her to buy tickets for us, it's either "Buried" at 3.40pm or "The Other Guys" at 3.30pm, so she guessed it.. :(


In a nutshell, basically it's about a guy working it Iraq, caught by the insurgence, & trapped in a coffin in order for the insurgence to get ransom from his employers.
But typical big companies, they "fired" him in order not to be liable for his misfortune.
While at the same time, apparently the US of A army has formed a group specifically to handle people in his situation. The group tries to rescue him..

p/s: The "bad guys" even gave him a phone, pencil, zippo @ lighter, & a pencil.. hence how he communicated with the outside world.


Well don't be, the storyline is straightforward, but not the typical Hollywood type of movie because you're "trapped" with Ryan throughout the movie :)

Keep an open mind, & you'll see it's refreshing..

But i don't think it's worth the price to pay to watch in the cinemas when you can just download it ( please buy originals, LOL )

Plus, i wanted to watch The Other Guys instead..

All in all, i'd give it ★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Just simply because i was not really in the mood to be in an "open minded" state when watching, i want ACTIONS, BLOOD, GUNS!!!


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