Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Use Internet Connection from Laptop/PC to Xiaomi MI3

Here's a nifty feature I just noticed with my Mi3.

Usually it's always been the phone being set as the modem, and all internet connection are tethered to that phone.

But as we all know, most data bandwidth are limited so whenever you have a internet connection to your laptop/PC, you can just connect your phone and it can use the internet from your laptop/PC instead.

I think it's easier to connect the phone to the free Wifi but there are some circumstances where wifi is not available but only LAN connections are provided.

Lots of major hotels have been doing this actually, maybe it's cost factor, who knows.

The toggle automatically appears, no setup required


  1. plz help me
    I am not able to access my pc internet on mi3
    it is not displaying "use computers internet" on my notification panel when i connect to pc via usb
    plz see the screenshot

  2. for me also it is not showing tht option.. m current;y using Redhat Linux 64-bit OS

  3. pl some one help me to use internet thru my mi3 mobile as I use to use my nokia mobile thru nokia suite software ANY software in english?

  4. You need to install PC suite in your PC. When you plug USB cable between your MI3 and computer, then there will be one CD Drive mapped to your PC name "XIOAMI", from there you can install PC suite. Once you installed PC suite in your PC then the icon will display to your Notification area.

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  8. This technique works by having a single computer connected to the Internet broadband connection directly.