Friday, July 25, 2014

Android App from Xiaomi to check Mi3 Authenticity (with translation)

Apparently, even the great Xiaomi is not spared from being counterfeited.

There are a lot of fake Xiaomi phones in the market as it is fueled by the humongous demand paired with very few supply (Xiaomi only sell through flash sales).

Besides from raiding stores with authorities, Xiaomi has developed an application (still in beta phase) to help customers identify whether the phone is original or fake.

It is in Chinese language though but I've ran through Google Translate app, it's not perfect but you'll get the gist of it :)


Pic 1: The front page of the app website. 

Pic 2: It has Mi logo, so should be trustworthy?
Pic 3: After installing the app, I ran it & this is the result screen.

Pic 4: Translated as "Details"

Pic 5: Translated as "Model"

Pic 6: Unicorn Version? LoL!~
Pic 7: "Buy Channels" = "How you buy" perhaps?

Pic 8: "Online sales" means via the Xiaomi Flash Sales
Pic 9: "Sales Time" = Date it was bought (20/5/2014)

Pic 10: "Warranty Time" = Warranty Expiry Date (1 year)

Pic 11: "Share Results" = Share to other apps

Pic 12: "Detailed Configuration" = Hardware & Software Details

Pic13: I think they mean Original Mi3? :)

Pic 14: I guess the hardware has been verified :)

All in all,I'd give it a 85% score, very useful but would be better if it's in English too as Mi3 phones are sold to other countries besides China too.

Then again, I can't really determine the validity of the app as I do not have a fake Xiaomi to verify.

Until then, it's better to have something than nothing.


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