Saturday, July 5, 2014

2 Step - Verification for Android Devices

And  with all the news of accounts being hacked, today I decided  that I need to take extra measures to secure my accounts.

This is especially important for me because I have around 4 android devices logged in the same account.

It's not really the most secure but it's definitely better than nothing but here is the 2-Steps Verification from Google.

Step 1 : I already changed my password, so my device asks to re-login
Step 2 : The device will ask to login from the web instead. Maybe it's totally locked out

Step 3 : From web interface, login to Google account using new password

Step 4 : After login, Google will send a code to your registered phone number to be filled in the later box

Last Step : Using the SMS Code you received, just fill in the box

So, when Google meant by 2-Step Verification is that Web Verification and then Phone Verification.
It does make sense, similar to T-Pin Codes used by Banks for online transaction nowadays.

It isn't perfect as it still has some loopholes like what if the phone was stolen and used to login the account?

I hope they can create more secure methods after this but I guess it should suffice for now.

UPDATE (6/7/2014) :
it seems that Google had already anticipated in cases where you'd lose your primary phone, hence this extra tab where they ask to put secondary phone numbers.

What's cool is that you can put any numbers, not just a handphone but landlines too. With that, they'd just send a voice code.

How cool is that.

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