Thursday, May 9, 2013

PRU13: Ipoh Flashmob Tragedy. Is it really as what it seems?

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته  

Alhamdulillah, PRU13 is finally over.

Congratz to the winners.

Well, something caught my eyes just now. Apparently someone just shared a video which seems quite familiar.

After some googling, this is the video that went viral before PRU13.
Watch it first.

Ok, done watching?

Take note what are your feelings, your sentiments, all of it.
Now watch the video below.

Go ahead.

As one of my wise political sifu once taught me, "Politic is all about perception"!
The 2 videos above are two classic examples of such statement.

The first video was cleverly edited and some segments removed. Just to add flavor, throw in some provocative on-screen text & music, Voila!!!
You have an instant classic BN-UMNO IS VIOLENT sentiment.

When in fact, if you see the second unedited video, you can see all the hard truths.
Well, no one is condoning any acts of violence, but see the nonstop provocations, the motorcyclists were clearly just trying to go away.

Key Events

  1. Minute 3.08: The UMNO youths in RED started appearing in video. Seems like their convoy just reached the junction
  2. Minute 3.38: The flashmobs started to gather at the junction point where the UMNO youths stopped for red light. You can see 2 bikes riding away against the traffic, maybe to avoid confrontation.
  3. Minute 4.06: You can see at least 1 guy throwing bottles/rocks at the riders. No signs or retaliation from the UMNO youths. They just sped away.
  4. Minute 4.26: See the big fat guy in grey shirt whacking the heads of the riders as they passed him.
  5. Minute 4.32: Now this is where it starts to get interesting. Can you see the bald guy in black shirt pushing the rider off his bike? 
  6. Minute 4.41: Now, the riders started to retaliate! All hell breaks loose!
Now that;s 1 1/2 minutes full of endless provocation & verbal taunting & abuse. All up to the point of physical confrontation.

I'm not saying retaliation is right or just, but can you really blame the guys for retaliating?

Ask yourself that next time.

It's all a matter of perception :)

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